Co-Founder of Durga Excursions: Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

Facilitator for 200 HR Yoga Teacher Trainings & Expansion Director for The Kula Collective


5 Elements Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Level I - 50 HR Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

Manitou Springs - August 6-12, 2019 with Durga Excursions

5 Elements Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Level I - 50 HR Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

Sedona Hot Yoga, Arizona - September 13-19, 2019 with Durga Excursions

Advanced Principles in Yin, Yang & Mind | Teacher Training - Level II- 50 HR Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

Sedona Hot Yoga, Arizona - September 26-October 3, 2019 with Durga Excursions

20 HR Yin Yoga Training Intensive: Yin, Yang, and Mindfulness Methods

Pilates & Yoga Loft, Metairie, Louisiana - November 14-17 with Durga Excursions

Elemental Flow 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Forest, Guatemala - December 23, 2019 - January 16, 2020

with the Kula Collective {use code YANG for discount}

50 HR Elemental Alignment - Sequencing & Assists - Continuing Education for New & Advanced Yoga Teachers

 Yoga Forest, Guatemala - January 17-23,2020 with Kula Collective

Envision Transformation 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training - Punta Mona Retreat Center, Costa Rica - March 2020 (Dates TBA)

with the Kula Collective {use code YANG for discount}

Artful Restoration Yin & Restorative Teacher Training - 50 HR Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

Mallorca, Spain - May 16-22 with Durga Excursions

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After undergoing two major surgeries, yoga helped bring me back on my feet (mentally and physically!) and back to myself. This path helped me find the origins of love within and reconnect with the happiness inside.

I have practiced yoga for over 14 years, but spending 6 months in India studying lead to huge growth and transformation. I was an assistant to the 'Iyengar method' teacher of a 200 hour yoga training in Rishikesh, India and one of the most important things I took from the experience was a quote from him: "Teach yoga as an offering"... Teaching yoga is an opportunity to give back. It is an opportunity for me to share all the amazing gifts I have learned along this journey. 

I offer students a fun and safe environment to explore, expand, express, and release. I am dedicated to cultivate yoga as a tool for students to empower their journey inwards and embrace the present moment.  With breath-based movement, my classes are taught to provoke mental and physical challenges to enable students to reach a blissful integrated awareness, acceptance, and ability.  My light-hearted yet fiery vinyasa class encourages students to leave their comfort zone and develop flexibility, core stability, and strength while maintaining a playful mindset.  Instruction includes close attention to proper alignment with props and also appropriate hands-on adjustments (Thai massage inspired), deepening the pose in order to reach “ah-ha” moments.

I know my students will leave class a bit more refreshed, re-energized, stronger! My hopes are for each student to leave the mat with this self-empowerment, and to spread a bit more loving kindness making this world a better and more conscious place! Namaste.

Workshops offered:

- Thai Massage Workshops (Thai based assists and techniques)

- Elemental Alignment: Sequencing and Assists Workshop/ Series

- Women's Circles: Building connection & community with movement, meditation, song & sharing together

- Bhakti Vinyasa Flow with Kirtan


"A+ Also Outstanding! The two of you complement each other SO well. You also hold space like a master. Your presence is very grounding and safe. Your are succinct and clear in everything you say. You have a radiant smile and a very warm heart. And choose music like no one I've ever known! Each time you adjusted me, I felt shifted -not just physically - I felt shifted deep inside on an energetic and emotional level. This is rare. Your adjustments are wise and intuitive and your touch is very powerful. Your authority is also warm and kind. You're also skilled at balancing encouragement with constructive feedback and you make corrections in a  clear but warm way. Thank you Kylie. " - Practitioner of Yin & Restorative YTT Sedona 2018

"These classes were awesome! Great way to start the day. I enjoyed the variety of classes given, the permission to make our practice our own, and the playlists supposed the practices deeply. Honestly, at least 3 of these practices are among the best yoga classes (yang) that I've ever had. Thank you Kylie! I was able to have deep releases and emotional experiences that shifted me. internally. It's rare to get that from a yang practice. I also enjoyed the clean intentionality of these classes and loved you playing and singing as well! You're a gift!" - Practitioner of Yin & Restorative YTT Sedona 2018

“Confident, knowledgeable, powerful teacher. Amazing flows, themes, music. Great singing and amazing voice.” - Practitioner of Yin & Restorative Peru 2019

“Exceptional. Some of my all time favorite yang classes, very vitalizing and joyful” - Practitioner of Yin & Restorative Peru 2019

"So not yang yoga person. She got me to love yang. SO FANTASTIC. Thank you Kylie. "- Practitioner of Yin & Restorative YTT Sedona 2018

"When I first met Kylie, I thought “there’s no way she’s actually this pleasantly happy of a person always!!!!” but I quickly realized how wrong I was. Kylie is the embodiment of everything that is wonderful about yoga - and that is emanated in her classes. From the second you step into her teaching space, you feel safe, welcome, and tended to. Her teaching style is attentive and her adjustments will send you to heaven and back. A class with Kylie is more than just a class, it’s a fulfilling well-rounded experience that can turn any bad day into the best one. - Practitioner of a Kula Collective 200 HR YTT

“Kylie is approachable, down to earth and passionate. She gives so much of herself to teach and guide us. Her yang flows were centering, healing, her singing and words of wisdom and encouragement were inspiring. Her life experience brought greatness to the training.” - Practitioner of Yin & Restorative Peru 2019