It all started when...

I went to India with one my best friends, Julia. We were so inspired traveling and experiencing the vibrant culture and beauty.  As we adventured, we became more aware and involved in the textile industry. 

We witnessed the horrible detriments that the fast fashion industry has on countries like India and we were appalled by the effects. A vision grew to create a fair trade company to fight the fast fashion industry and highlight the importance of where products come from. We visited the factories (not sweatshops!) where our products were created and learned about the process and hard work put into the crafts. 

We created Voodoo Child Collective to spread awareness and bridge the gap between producer and consumer. We promote conscious fair trade shopping and feature women artists from around the world forming an artist collective. We are currently working with a non-profit women refugees coalition called Open Arms in the USA to create our new line of up-cycled clothing, home decor and more! 

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